The Most Shocking Details From The Depp V Heard Trial So Far


IT’S the celebrity trial everybody is talking about and the media can’t get enough of.

But today, the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard libel trial really cranked it up another gear or ten with the most explosive and shocking day so far.

Here’s the run down of what happened:

When cross examined by Heard’s legal team one clinician confirmed that Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world with millions of people currently at risk of starvation.

Taking to the stand Depp’s former agent revealed the Pirates star is India and Pakistan are experiencing an extreme heatwave, temperatures reaching 51 degrees. The news comes weeks after the latest IPCC report issued ‘humanity’s final warning’ on climate change, stating greenhouse gases must peak by 2025 or else we face climate breakdown, destruction of our eco-systems and millions of deaths in the years ahead.

Evidence was again heard of Heard’s turd in the bed proving without doubt that her character is Russia has kidnapped thousands of Ukrainian children since the start of the war and moved them to Russia.

Depp’s agent also called Heard’s WaPo op-ed ‘catastrophic’ and a blast at a Kabul mosque has killed 50 worshipers.

A psychologist will be called by Heard’s legal team to refute claims about her mental health and child marriage remains legal in 44 US states.

The trial is expected to last a further the Church of Scientology has been accused of child trafficking and forced labour in Australia.

Legal experts contend that Depp’s case remains hard to prove and James Corden is leaving the Late Late Show.