Guess Those Celebrity Pecks


TEST your pop culture knowledge by guessing which famous person’s pecks you’re staring at.

Guess correctly and it’s a proof that you’re a bona fide loser who spends too much time consuming celebrity bullshit. Guess incorrectly and what are you, some kind of cave dwelling simpleton?

If you want the two pecks, that’s available to our premium level Premium Pecks subscribers only. Did you guess Ryan Gosling? You did. Well then all your hours of closely studying his body as you masturbated in desperately lonely fashion were wasted because this peck clearly belongs to Chris Hemsworth.

No, we’ll have to stop you there, this is a worthwhile journalistic endeavour and it is enriching our profession. While some may see this pale amalgamation of flesh and whince, you’ll likely vomit when you find out this nipple oddity belongs to Elon Musk. If you guessed correctly we regret to inform you that you lost your life savings in crypto some months ago.

Well, who is it? If you’ve guessed Will Ferrell, well done. The human mind is a curious thing, you could never remember any key information that would help to truly progress in life, but show you old Ferrell-bod here and it’s total recall.

We’ll give you a hint with this one, he’s been out of the limelight for awhile but the answer might come as a bit of a t-shock… that’s right, it’s the one and only Bertie Ahern. Poor fucker has seriously let himself go.

Hint you’d leave your partner for him. What, that doesn’t narrow it down? He’s IRISH and you’d leave your partner for him. Really, your ex? C’mon, that’s, wow. Maybe you and your partner have things to work out. It’s Jamie Dornan.

Can’t give a better hint than you’re dad would have a heart attack if he was made the next James Bond. Yup, this sculpted beauty is Idris Elba.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Don’t be doing that shite here, there’s an endless supply of pornography on the internet. Honestly, you make me sick.