Limerick Hurlers Sell One-Off €100,000 Jersey To JP McManus


HAVING BEEN subjected to significant criticism for the €150 cost of a training top, launched with the aim of raising funds to pay for a getaway for Limerick’s hurlers, the All-Ireland 3-in-a-rowers have run into an amazing piece of luck, WWN Sports can report.

Initially dropping the price of the €150 top to the much more affordable and totally reasonable price of €100 for a training top an ‘online glitch’ has led to one person buying a jersey for €100,000.

“That it’s the exact same sum of the total cost of the proposed trip is just the most stunning coincidence, and that the glitch occurred when a billionaire benefactor of the team tried to buy the top, what good fortune,” said one Limerick source, of the online shop checkout basket listing €100 as €100,000.

The €100 training top was to come with a beanie hat and a personalised letter of thanks from team manager John Kiely and captain Declan Hannon whereas any sizeable donation such as €100,000 now comes with the undying loyalty of local communities who will defend any billionaire individual’s right to be tax resident abroad.

“This generosity almost tops the €5mn given to the Gaelic Grounds, outsized sponsorship of the team or the previous bankrolling of a trip to Bardados,” said our source, who couldn’t rule out similar online glitches whenever more money is needed.

Elsewhere, there is no pressure on the GAA to split Limerick in two or examine the effect superior financing is having due to the fact it’s not Dublin.