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The Decade’s Greatest Sportspeople

WALL TO WALL sporting greatness typified the 2010s as the likes of Williams, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Taylor, Biles, Ronaldo, Messi, Lebron, McIlroy, Bolt and Hamilton among others made history and inspired awe in everyone who bore witness to their immense feats. It almost seems unfair to whittle down these greats and pour over individual moments… Read more »

Nail-biting Finish To Nail-biting Final

IT was all-out cuticle-cutting war at the Nail-biting World Cup this week, with the final leaving many spectators cursing themselves for having bitten all their nails away already, leaving them with nothing to do but sit back in awe at the sheer nail-biting nail-biting going on before their eyes. Here’s how it all went down:… Read more »

Meet The White Man Behind Serena Williams’s Success

SHE’S one of tennis’s greatest ever superstars; of that, there is no question. But what many people won’t know, is the true identity of the man behind Serena Williams’s success, a man that WWN caught up with at the weekend. 58-year-old Herbert ‘Herb’ Brainerd may not seem like the kind of guy who would kickstart… Read more »

All Ireland Finals Cancelled Over Insurance Costs

TENS of thousands of ticket holders for the GAA All Ireland Championships are said to be outraged today after the organisation announced it is cancelling both the hurling and football finals due to insurmountable insurance costs, WWN can confirm. Citing increased instances of ‘shoulders’, ‘fighting’ and ‘pitch invasions’ as the reasons for the new elevated… Read more »

WWN Weekend Sports Recap

THE RETURN of the Premier League, the All-Ireland football semi-finals, rugby tests; the weekend had it all and WWN Sport is here with an essential recap of all the big incidents: The Premier League was praised in England for giving people a brief 90 minute respite from the living nightmare that is Brexit and there… Read more »