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Waterford Hurlers Stand By Decision To Join Breakaway Saudi GAA Championship

THE controversial Saudi Arabian senior Football and Hurling championships are to go ahead as planned this winter despite protests of ‘sportswashin’, and will include several of Waterford’s most middle-of-the-road players in the tournament. “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to bring the uniting power of hurling to an oil-rich Middle Eastern kingdom,” said Martin Campbell,… Read more »

New Kilkenny Manager Undergoes Codyfication Process

YELLOW and black smoke has been spotted bellowing out of a keep at Kilkenny castle today signifying a new senior hurling manager has been appointed to replace the departing Brian Cody, WWN can confirm. Crowds cheered as Derek Lyng was announced by a spokesman as castle trumpeters echoed throughout the marble city, with the 44-year-old… Read more »

The Best Rumours To Spread About Your GAA Rivals

BE IT a rival teammate, selector, club or inter-county team no one does spreading unsubstantiated rumours like the GAA community. Have you recently come into possession of a seething and unfounded contempt for a rival? Well, naturally you’ll be wanting to spread rumours about them sooner rather than later and you can’t beat the following… Read more »

LIV Announces Inaugural Khashoggi Cup

THE controversial Saudi-backed LIV golf organisation has announced an upcoming tournament named after journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who accidentally and tragically tripped, fell and tortured himself to death while in the company of employees of the Saudi regime in 2018. “It was such a shame that he passed away right when he was just getting the… Read more »