Players Seeking Team Change To Be Sent To GAA Reeducation Camp


NEW PROTOCOLS for club players seeking to move teams have been drawn up by the GAA to avoid another situation similar to that currently befalling Galway’s Shane Walsh, WWN sport understands.

“We’re fully attuned to the realities of lads living in Dublin or where have you and having to cross the country of a mid-week evening for training which is why we’ve set up the ‘GAA Values Campus’ where players seeking to switch parishes can receive all the supporting information and knowledge they need,” confirmed the GAA.

With heavy input from Kilkerrin-Clonberne and clubs up and down the country, the GAA Values Campus can provide room and board for any player who may be confused about how all this works.

“There’s some very informative lectures alright, and to help lads really concentrate and make the most of their time at the campus there’s a curfew enforced by a private security firm,” added a GAA source.

“And just so players don’t get lost and somehow end up at a Dublin GAA club for example, the lads will be fitted with shock collars which go off anytime they stray more than 5 metres away,” added one administrator, in words which will help players realise clubs are putting their interests, health and safety at the forefront of everything.

Receiving a tour of the start of the art facilities, WWN Sports could see the good work already being done as we passed by one containment unit in which an impassioned club man with two decade’s worth of time in the jersey rocking back and forth while whimpering ‘we’re one big GAA family’.