Van Gogh Self-Portrait Removed From Museum After Being Accused Of Following Women Around The Room


FOLLOWING troubling reports that it has made museum visitors feel uncomfortable, a painting by Vincent Van Gogh has been removed from the museum that bares his name.

“We apologise to those affected and will deal with the self-portrait after an independent inquiry is conducted into its behaviour,” confirmed one museum curator.

Initially the museum had draped a black cloth over the portrait in the hope that its behaviour would change after a ‘time out’, however this proved to be wishful thinking.

“Lecherous behaviour of any short is condemned in its fullest by the museum, and we don’t condone the actions of self-portrait with grey felt hat – following people around the room, no matter what part of the room they are in, is inappropriate. Until the inquiry is concluded we will be severing all ties and associations with Van Gogh” added the spokesperson for the Van Gogh Museum.

Similar accusations have been made against painting in other museums but the Amsterdam museum is the first one to take action.

Elsewhere, descendants of the model used as the inspiration for Michelangelo’s David have launched legal action against Accademia Gallery, seeking an injunction which would force the museum to increase the temperature in room above ‘chilly’.