‘Feeling Sorry For Yourself, Never Socialising & Growing Increasingly Resentful’ Key To Finding Girlfriend Confirms New Incel Study


A NEW survey conducted by the ever-expanding incel community has confirmed what many of them already suspected when it comes to finding someone to love them, WWN can reveal.

“Respondents couldn’t have been clearer, whatever failures you have subjected yourself to and our entirely your own fault, well that’s the fuel you use to hate everyone from immigrants to women to women immigrants,” said chief incel survey collator Greg Masters, in a press conference convened in his parent’s basement.

Some respondents had queried whether getting out into the world and socialising could be more effective in procuring a girlfriend however, the survey revealed an overwhelming number of incels stated you can’t beat becoming addicted to hentai and reducing your vocabulary to the insult ‘beta soy cuck boy’.

“Can’t stress enough how you really need to foster a glowing admiration for the advent of fascism in the 1930s too, but whatever you do never actually try to socialise with another human being. Just let this powder keg of self-destructive self-pitying build within, the chicks dig it” added Masters, who was happy to report such behaviour landed him a girlfriend, however when pushed on her identity it was revealed we wouldn’t know her as she’s from a few towns over.

In a bid to help incels improve upon the survey’s finding, if that was even possible, Masters has revealed that a number of online workshops would be made available in the coming months which include:

– How to slide into DMs of women you’ve never met to start a conversation that will ultimately end in you calling them a stuck-up slut.

– How to masturbate guilt free to your favourite Jordan Peterson videos.

– The Caveman personal hygiene routine – what it can teach you about your own musk.

– Watching the Joker one more time this week and looking for the hidden messages you might have missed.