Prince Harry Shown How To Use Phone After Stating He Wants Father & Brother Back


AMERICA’S Prince Harry has said he wants his ‘father and brother back’, sparking speculation that due to being chronically royal it is highly likely he doesn’t know what a phone is or how to operate one by himself, WWN reports.

Concerns were raised recently after Harry and his wife Meghan had not done one single emotional tell-all interview in a whole entire week, however, news broke this morning he will appear on ITV this coming Sunday in a further bid to infuriate the British nation.

“Harry has never had to actually use a phone for a large majority of his royal life – he had phone butlers for that – so contacting his brother and father has proved difficult for him, the process remained elusive” a source said, explaining the reasoning behind him reaching out through television interviews as opposed to just, you know, ringing home.

Despite continuous calls to be left alone by the media, Harry’s interview calling for his family back is expected to be one of the most watched Harry interviews of 2023, ahead of the launch of his tell-all book entitled ‘Spare’, with the following word ‘prick’ presumably dropped by his publishers.

Meanwhile, specialists in public relations have suggested that ‘shutting the hell up’ once in a while is also a fantastic option available to the royal couple if they want some peace.