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Local Candidate Worried He’s Not Morally Corrupt Enough For Fine Gael

AFTER seeing Taoiseach Leo Varadkar race down to Wexford to spend a day campaigning alongside Verona Murphy, one Fine Gael by-election candidate feared he didn’t have enough questionable morals, beliefs and ideas to represent the party adequately. “She said child refugees need to be ‘de-programmed’, then she’s accused of ‘interference’ regarding a Road Safety Authority… Read more »

China Warns Hong Kong It Won’t Have Democracy Much Longer If It Keeps Insisting On Using It

FRESH from continuing to casually imprison over 1 million Uighurs Muslims in harmless sounding ‘reeducation’ camps, the Chinese government has reacted to the news that Hong Kong’s recent elections results saw big wins for pro-democracy candidates with a predictably laid back response. “Yeah… if you’re going to insist on using your democracy like it’s an… Read more »

Michael Healy-Rae Calls For Drunken Assaults To Be Made Legal

INDEPENDENT TD Michael Healy-Rae has called on the government to reexamine laws on drunken assaults, stating that current laws are “draconian” and “biased against rural Ireland” after two of his adult children were found guilty of assaulting a man this week. Kevin Healy-Rae, 22, along with his brother Kerry County Councillor Jackie Healy-Rae, 23, had… Read more »