How To Save Thousands Of Euro As A College Student


GETTING BY as a student in Ireland is getting tougher and those facing the prospect of completing school and beginning third level education are often unprepared.

With that in mind WWN has prepared this handy guide on how to save money as a student and ensuring fees and living expenses don’t get the better of you:

The quick answer: just don’t go.

The long answer: just don’t go but said with more words and colourful phrases citing numerous examples.

The medium answer: have you heard of the ‘baked beans and air diet’? You have? brilliant! So it’s just 6 years (if including masters) on that and you come out the other side with somewhere in the region of €33 and irreversible damage to your internal organs.

The alternative view: bet everything on AI automation making all of humanity’s jobs obsolete paving the way for a utopian society in which Mankind wants for nothing and universal Basic Income means you don’t have to work.

The guidance counsellor’s advice: a Bachelor of Arts? Jesus Christ, never mind saving money you’ve turned wasting it into an art form. Right, eh…. would you do a HDip after and get into teaching? Yes that means spending MORE money and ending up with a job like mine, but there’s only so much polishing of a turd I can do.