Venga Bus Service To Donegal Cancelled


A DOWNTURN in the intercity disco industry in the northwest of Ireland has lead to the cancellation of the Venga Bus service in the region, in yet another blow to transport infrastructure in Donegal.

“This is not to say that nobody in Donegal is jumpin’. It’s a simple case that there aren’t enough people jumpin’ to warrant a bus comin’ for them,” said a Venga delegate at a conference today.

“We’d like to thank those in the region who have enjoyed the service over the years, but for now we’ll be concentrating on our corridors to New York and San Francisco, as well as more routes along the way”.

The news has not been received well in Donegal, who have a long history of wheels of steel not turning in the area.

“No coaches, no trains, no Luas, no Venga Bus. Typical,” fumed one Letterkenny resident we spoke to.

“It’s just the constant ongoing erosion of services in Donegal, and our government are happy to do nothing about it. If the Venga Bus stopped going to Dublin, there would be uproar. But Donegal, forget about it. I don’t think people realise how important it was to the region. Do we not also like to party?”

So far, the Ministry of Sound has yet to comment.