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Leader Profiles: Micheál Martin

Name: Micheál Martin Age: Old enough to know better. Party: The one that, during the Referendum to Repeal the 8th Amendment, had half of its TDs actively campaigning for a No vote. Superpower: Has family that can be traced all the way back to the lads who shot Michael Collins. Favourite inspirational quote: “The only… Read more »

Leader Profiles: Eamon Ryan

Name: Eamon Ryan. Age: 7 in dog years. Party: Green Party. Superpower: Regeneration, having Saoirse McHugh representing the party. Favourite inspirational quote: “We may not be a big party, but we’ve never served at the political wing of a paramilitary organisation responsible for the deaths of thousands”. Pastimes: Recycling old policies. Key message to public: “You’re… Read more »

Leaders Profiles: Mary Lou McDonald

VOTING in Ireland’s general election on Saturday? Hungry for yet more information of the leaders of Ireland’s largest parties? Get to know Sinn Féin’s leader in detail below: Name: Mary Louise McDonald Age: 50 Party: Diet Sinn Féin Superpower: Has the lowest center of gravity of any living TD. Favourite inspirational quote: the entirety of… Read more »

Leader Profiles: Leo Varadkar

AHEAD of Ireland’s crucial general election on Saturday the 8th of February, get to know the Taoiseach and leader of the Fine Gael party: Name: Leonidas Varadkar Age: 41 (although his operating system was updated recently) Party: Never. Superpower: Not letting his unrelenting and violent night terrors affect his ability to straight up ignore the… Read more »