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Government Stick €30bn Covid Bill To Dáil Fridge

FEARS that the government may not have a valid plan for coping with Covid-19’s projected cost to the economy of €30 billion have been put to rest after Taoiseach Leo Varadkar assured the nation that they haven’t forgotten about it, and it’s right there on the door of the fridge in the Dáil canteen, ready… Read more »

“Ah Sure It’s Only Direct Provision” Shrugs Nation

“Ah sure, it’s only Direct Provision” the Irish public selfishly confirmed as it learned that Covid-19 cases in Direct Provision centres in Kerry and Westmeath are on the rise while over 1,700 residents are forced to share small bedrooms with strangers, in direct contradiction of the Chief Medical Officer’s recommendations. “Phew, we were hedging our… Read more »