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Local Candidate Worried He’s Not Morally Corrupt Enough For Fine Gael

AFTER seeing Taoiseach Leo Varadkar race down to Wexford to spend a day campaigning alongside Verona Murphy, one Fine Gael by-election candidate feared he didn’t have enough questionable morals, beliefs and ideas to represent the party adequately. “She said child refugees need to be ‘de-programmed’, then she’s accused of ‘interference’ regarding a Road Safety Authority… Read more »

China Warns Hong Kong It Won’t Have Democracy Much Longer If It Keeps Insisting On Using It

FRESH from continuing to casually imprison over 1 million Uighurs Muslims in harmless sounding ‘reeducation’ camps, the Chinese government has reacted to the news that Hong Kong’s recent elections results saw big wins for pro-democracy candidates with a predictably laid back response. “Yeah… if you’re going to insist on using your democracy like it’s an… Read more »