The Strangest Things Ever Thrown At Politicians


TWEETS from TDs claiming that they had been the target of a manually-launched surface-to-surface faeces missile attack during a public meeting in Galway this week have been met with derision from politicians around the world, who claim that bags of shite are the least of their worries when they go out in public.

Here’s a list of some of the odder things that world leaders have had to dodge over the years-

– Former Russian president Boris Yeltsin once had a full bottle of vodka thrown at him from across a crowd, before skilfully catching it in his mouth and draining it in one go.

– Iraqi president Saddam Hussein once had an entire gallows thrown at him, with the noose landing directly over his neck and hanging him. ‘Million to one shot’, commentators remarked.

– Then-US president Bill Clinton became the first politician to throw himself at something rather than the other way around. Well, someone. Luckily for Bill, rules over power dynamics and abuse of power were a bit loosey-goosey back then.

– Several Fianna Fáil have recounted stories where they were bombarded with brown envelopes while trying to enjoy a quiet keg at the Galway races.

– Allegations of cronyism and corruption were thrown at Leo Varadkar last year, although not with enough force to actually stick.