Kilkenny Warned It Really Needs To Up Its Game In 2023


LIKE it didn’t need saying in the first place, an anonymous neighbouring county of Kilkenny has informed the landmass that 2023’s performance across all sectors must drastically improve.

“Consider yourself put on notice,” confirmed a bordering county whose identity we have hidden for their own protection.

“You can hardly put in a worse performance this year than 2022 anyway that’s for sure, absolute joke shop boi,” added the county, who was issuing this warning from a place of love.

Also pointing out that other counties have been forced to make up for the black and amber county’s idleness, it was said that it is hardly fair to let such a situation continue.

“Sure this is hardly news to yourselves, you know full well this state of the place and Jesus, the smell too. That can’t be healthy,” added the neighbouring county, again with the best of intentions.

While it’s not clear what punishment is in store for Kilkenny if it just doesn’t bother its arse again in 2023, there has been tentative explorations into how to sink the county and turn it into a lake-based tourist attraction for the yanks.

“And don’t event think about saying ‘sure aren’t we the hurling county’ as if that’s something anyone other than you lot care about,” confirmed the Association of Concerned Counties.