Jeremy Kyle To Host One Off Royal Special


WELL, well, well; brothers at war William and Harry Windsor are to appear on a one-off comeback royal special of the Jeremy Kyle Show next month in what is expected to be an eventful interview with Britain’s foremost tabloid interviewers, WWN has learned.

Agreeing to argue it all out in front of a live studio audience packed full of celebs and politicians, William is expected to take a lie detector test to prove he never actually attacked his younger brother with Harry also expected to take a DNA test to finally see if he is actually the King’s biological son and not James Hewitt’s.

“There’s a lot of beans to spill and this is predicted to be the most watched Jeremy Kyle show ever recorded,” a producer of the show explained, “we’ve even brought back counsellor and genius Graham Stanier to try help the brothers resolve their issues, but not before bringing out Kate and Meghan to the stage to cat-fight it out in front of a jeering audience”.

It is expected King Charles and Camilla will remain backstage and will also be interviewed as part of the show.

“The King has refused to take a lie detector test about the details of his former wife’s death but will appear on the show to support his eldest son, William,” the producer added, “we’re just going to turn on the cameras and let Jeremy do his thing, making fun of the fact they’re on welfare and freeloading off the state”.