Blaming Refugees For Decades Of Political Failures, A Guide


ARE YOU sick to the teeth at disarray Ireland’s health system finds itself in? Are you irate at the fact the housing system seems built to enrich the already rich? Well now is the time to voice your opposition at those most responsible. That’s right it’s time to start screaming and shouting at some refugees.

Here’s how to hold refugees responsible for the decades of failures which belong solely to Irish politicians:

First off, don’t refer to them as refugees. Call them economic migrants, moochers – it just makes it easier to sleep at night.

Second, erase all memory of the word ‘scapegoat’ from your mind.

If you live in a community neglected, under-resourced and gutted by austerity policies just wait for some truly hateful and racist ‘political activists’ to turn up and just follow their lead. Do not try to help your community in any practical way.

Generally ignore/zone out when the man with the microphone says something about UN army New World Order, he’s definitely your neighbour and shares your concerns.

If you live in an affluent area, don’t worry you should already be well versed in objecting to planning permissions and pressuring your local TDs into making sure nothing like this every affects your community in the first place.

Do not use this as an opportunity to come together as a community once more and mobilise in search of greater accountability from politicians on all sides at local and national level.

Do some research, there’s no point hurling abuse directed at asylum seekers and refugees unless you are insulting them based on where they’re from – you have to brush up on your nation-specific ethnic slurs and get them learned off by heart. This is how you build affordable housing and clear hospital waiting lists.

Have you spotted a man whose shade of skin colour can’t be described as ‘Vitamin D deficient Irish’ well then, the only natural conclusion to draw is that they are a crime committing rapist with murder hardwired into their DNA. No, silly, that’s not unhinged and hateful racism, that’s commonsense observation skills.

Bring your kids to the protests with you so that they learn valuable lessons. Plus, once you have them trained up they’ll continue your fine work bullying the new kid from Ukraine that’s starting in their school on Monday.