Banksy Sells Banksy For £1Bn


HAVE YOU ALWAYS wanted to add a genuine Banksy to your art collection? Well here’s your chance; the renowned graffiti artist is to go on sale at Sotheby’s this week with a reserve price tag of one billion English pounds.

For decades, Banksy’s identity has remained a secret even though their work has achieved international fame- and while not many people get the chance to own a piece of Banksy’s back catalogue due to it being on walls and things, they may walk away from the coming auction with something even more artsy fartsy.

“We’ve had Banksy appraised and it is a genuine Banksy. As in, it is Banksy,” said a spokesperson for the auction house, as interest in the sale reached a fever pitch.

“Of course, there’s no guarantee that Banksy will ever produce any art again, so it’s unclear what exactly you’re buying. You won’t own anything he’s created before, nor will you necessarily own anything he creates later. So you’re really just getting a person. One more person in your house. An artist, but not art. The whole thing is so far up its own hole that we’re not even sure we get it ourselves. Still, if you’re rich and you want to own something nobody else does, now’s your chance!”.

UPDATE: Interest in the sale has plummeted after the maverick, genius, a one-of-a-kind artist was revealed to be female, with every potential buyer suddenly turning to the opinion that Banksy was ‘always over-rated’.