Previously On… ‘Your Place Of Work’


EVER sat down to watch a new season of your favourite TV show only to find that you don’t really remember who’s who and what’s going on? That’s why ‘previously on…’ recaps come in so handy, and now they’re being implemented in workplaces around Ireland to help ease people into the New Year.

Providing essential information such as ‘what your job is’, ‘who around here is really in charge’ and ‘just what exactly went on at the Christmas party’, these recaps will be designed to fill in the gaps for those who engaged in alcohol-assisted memory wiping over the festive period.

A TV style compilation video is being utilised by a number of businesses including one Waterford workplace whose version looks like this:

– Establishing shots of the office, including the location of the water dispenser, the toilets, and where not to park your bike if you don’t want it stolen by the group of young lads who loiter around outside.

– A quick-cut montage of CCTV footage of office jokester Daniel Wilson being an absolute fucking dose.

– Clips of emails from upper management stressing how important it is for everyone to work as hard as possible, followed by footage of Mark and Sheila leaving with their boxes after being laid off last August.

– Footage of workers who lost loved ones in the last 12 months, to help those who have forgotten from sticking their foot in it with a misplaced ‘your ma’ joke.

– A reminder that the financial controller and the head of HR got into a heated row in November that almost came to blows, serving as a prompt for anyone that hasn’t picked a side to cosy up to in 2023 should do so now.

– a co-workers who are secretly riding montage.

And with that out of the way, let season 2023 begin!