HSE Says Only Attend A&E If Necessary: Here’s How To Know If Your Ailment Counts


A record 931 people on trolleys waiting for hospital admission, a ‘major internal incidence’ declared at Limerick Hospital and the public is being asked to only present themselves at A&E if it’s really necessary; health service workers are under immense pressure.

WWN Health taken a piece of the HSE PR-spin money pie to help you understand whether of not your ‘ailment’ is really worthy of getting in the way at your local A&E:

– Yes your arm is barely hanging on but would you really miss it? If the answer is ‘yes’ please ask yourself the question again

– Don’t they have hospitals in Spain now for that?

– How would you really know if it anything truly life-threatening just happened, sure weren’t you unconscious? Don’t be overreacting.

– The HSE has said ‘consider all options’ so c’mon, start believing in yourself – who says you can’t treat an inflamed anus, distended testicles or withered kidney by yourself at home!

– Don’t present at A&E until you’ve determined that downing one litre of purple Calpol has done nothing.

– HIQA, the state’s health service watchdog, has previously confirmed Limerick’s emergency department was ‘overcrowded and understaffed’ and posed a significant risk to provision of safe care but maybe you and your hypochondriac ways are to blame and not the government’s failure to act on HIQA reports.

– Ah now c’mon, that might not be blood in your urine, it could be ketchup and ketchup-infused urine is harmless!

– It’s only a sniffle, it barely qualifies as a cold so stop adding to the pressure for HSE staff. That you also have a traumatic brain injury is neither here nor there.