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Elon Musk Not Crying, You’re Crying

DESPITE tears pouring from his eyes like stock value leaving Tesla shares, Elon Musk has categorically denied becoming upset in any way by being on the receiving end of thousands of people booing him as he took to the stage at a show held by former comedian Dave Chappelle. “On an unrelated note I will… Read more »

On This Day 2045: Enoch Burke Leaves Mountjoy Prison

FINALLY after 23 years of refusing to obey a court order to stay away from his place of employment, jailed teacher Enoch Burke has finally been released from Mounjoy prison, WWN reports. Burke, whose employer sought an injunction against him after he continued turning up at school despite being suspended, was collected from prison by… Read more »

Dublin Zoo Defends New Social Welfare Recipients Enclosure

A CONTROVERSIAL new enclosure at Dublin Zoo has become the source of intense debate among the public, with many defending being given the chance to observe and study the social welfare recipient of the species just in time for the arrival of the Christmas bonus payment. “Some are already demanding its closure, but I quite… Read more »