“Wait, He Was?”: Irish People React To Micheál Martin’s Time As Taoiseach Coming To An End


AFTER sitting through his final leaders questions in the Dáil as Taoiseach, Micheál Martin was greeted by fawning praise by everyone from his party colleagues to his other party colleagues.

WWN took the temperature of the Irish public on the streets to see how they assessed his time in office and the legacy he leaves behind as he vacates the position to become Mini Me AKA Tánaiste:

“So, is this like musical chairs or what? How come the gommy lad on the bike doesn’t get a go?” – Niall Tiernan, Meath.

“Like, make up your mind man; it’s either Micheál or Martin, just pick a name and stick to it, for Christ’s sakes” – Yvonne Cummings, Clare.

“Move over bitches, the REAL Taoiseach is here” Leo Varadkar, Dublin.

“I wasn’t sure about him at first, there can big upheaval switching Taoiseach’s back and forth like this but from our point of view it was seamless” – property purchasing foreign pension funds.

“He’s the Mr. Burns one, yeah?” – John Finnan, Wicklow.

“Legacy? Not sure that’s what he left behind for Leo unless legacy smells distinctly like human feaces” – office cleaners, Leinster House.

“You’d think he’d just shave it off like, it’s not doing him any favours” – Pauline O’Neill, Louth.

“Mad he hasn’t mentioned that he’s from Cork once all this time” – Stephen Tynan, Limerick.

“I say ignore the critics, the man delivered – when he took office Ireland was in the grip of housing and health crises, and now?” – Dave Earley, Mayo.

“Tough all the same, losing a job right before the Christmas. He was an honourable man which is more than I can say for myself, who just lied there when I said he was an honourable man” – Fionn Kinsey, Laois.

“For the briefest of seconds between the transitions, Ireland technically won’t have a Taoiseach. All bets are off. If you want to shoot someone, I’d say that’s the perfect time do it then. Go buck wild” – Gerry Adams, not that one, Louth, still not that one.