“He’s An Intergalactic Eejit” Miles O’Brien Disowns Housing Minister Brother


DARRAGH O’BRIEN had just minutes to enjoy surviving his 80th vote of no confidence motion of the year in the Dáil before his estranged brother and Starfleet chief petty officer Miles O’Brien broke his silence on his sibling’s political career.

“I’ve traveled the galaxy and seen countless aliens races of distinct variations, ideologies and capabilities but it’s safe to say Darragh can’t be beaten for aimless eejitry,” Miles said in an interview with Deep Space FM.

Miles spoke of how he frequently feels like it is impossible to escape the inept shadow of his brother.

“There’s not a bar or hovel I enter in the known galaxy where it’s not brought up. There’s a race of space fish with snails for hair – 4 billion miles from Earth that were slagging me over him. Sniggering and whispering under their water ‘there’s your man with the brother who doesn’t know what a house is’,” said Miles, visibly peeved.

“Listen I’ve no time for the Klingons but sweet merciful Christ even they don’t try to sell 11,500 people homeless as ‘we’re making progress’,” Miles offered.

Miles went on to explain his difficult childhood with Darragh, who would periodically swallow Lego pieces instead of building anything with them. When Miles played dress up as an astronaut, Darragh would dress in a suit and sit behind a desk doing nothing for what seemed like years.

“Do you know what this absolute liúdramán of an empty shite wrote on my birthday card last year? ‘May the force be with you’! ‘Live short and rot’ says I to him. That did for me more than the refusing to get the State to build social and affordable housing”.