Irish Woman Wins Nobel Prize For Literature For Arguments She Makes Up In Her Head


THE IRISH literary scene is celebrating the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Literature to one of their own, Dublin woman Tara Hynnes, who at 31 becomes the youngest every recipient of the award beating out Rudyard Kipling who was 41 when the honour was bestowed upon him.

“Hynnes voice is distinctive, original and relentless. Truly, a body of work whose vastness is only eclipsed by the creative capacity of its author,” said the awarding committee, who referenced ‘Shower Arguments’ as the author’s definitive work.

Perhaps the most controversial recipient of the award since Bob Dylan in 2016, Hynnes remains unpublished but her hypothetical arguments are the stuff of legend.

“A genre bending parade of paranoia and revenge fantasies, the committee was moved by the harsh introspective criticism, which while repetitive, is perhaps the most inventive interrogation of self we’ve ever heard,” added the committee, of Hynnes’ seminal musings which revolve around fabricated arguments she has with her closest friends, loved ones, co-workers and random strangers who cut her off in traffic.

“It’s an honour,” said a shy, shocked Hynnes as she accepted the award, who will later think of the perfect and engaging speech when she’s in the car on the way home.