Man Spares Thought For Homeless This Christmas But That’s It


SEEING dozens of people in sleeping bags on Dublin’s streets as he does his Christmas shopping and recalling news footage of hundreds queuing for food vouchers handed out by charities, local man Darren Dreeland has vowed to spare a thought for those less fortunate this Christmas.

“That’s the very least I can in this season of goodwill to all mankind, and that’s the plan – to do the absolute very least,” said Dreeland, placing his hand in his pocket to clutch loose change so it doesn’t alert homeless people to the fact he’s lying when he utters a ‘no change pal, sorry’.

Dreeland confirmed he wouldn’t use the word hero but if you want to that’s okay.

“I’ve a lot of thoughts like, throughout the day you’re talking at least 100 so to spare one of them for the guys sleeping rough it’s pretty selfless of me,” added Dreeland.

Being asked to expand of the nature of the thought he spared for the homeless, Dreeland spoke movingly of the plight of Ireland’s 11,500 and counting homeless people.

“It was more a thought like ‘ah the poor lambs’. That was it, it was brief but I thought it and that’s the main thing. Asking for a second additional thought about who I vote for at elections, or the possibility of donating to charity, that’s too far. You shouldn’t be hassling people like that,” concluded Dreeland.