Now Do Prince Andrew, UK Tabloids Asked


SATISFIED that perhaps maybe the UK media has given over enough time to discuss, challenge and refute every second of the Harry & Meghan Netflix documentary, observers have asked if the media would like to end its 6-year obsession and now dedicate similar relentlessly to Prince Andrew.

“Yes, she’s done a documentary in which there’s some justifiable self-pitying, but is that really on a par with the Nonceback of Buckingham? Could you lot maybe look into him a bit more?” queried large sections of the public.

“Don’t over exert yourself though, you’ve shown with this Netflix documentary you have the resources to produce 80,000 hit pieces and 40,000 opinion pieces within 24 hours when the mood strikes. So just more of the same please, but this time instead of Meghan, it’s someone who got a £12mn loan from their mum who got it from the taxpayer to silence a victim of sexual abuse,” added the public.

Genuinely looking forward to the tabloid media’s forthcoming articles, complete with frothing at the mouth and comment sections left open to say the most vile things, the public was anticipating hearing all about the security arrangements for the close friend of sex offender and human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

“Yes, Harry and Meghan appear to have Cards Against Humanity on the shelf, which includes ‘insulting’ phrases about the royal family, but hey, have you tried looking into actual fucking crimes against humanity?” the public added, not holding its breath for a Jeremy Clarkson column about the friendship between King Charles and Jimmy Savile.