Man At Anti-Immigrant Protest Next To Group Carrying ‘Stop W.H.O Pandemic Treaty’ Banner Beginning To Regret Attendance


A WICKLOW man who traveled to Dublin yesterday to voice his opposition to government failings on homelessness, immigration and 4,178 other issues has said he now regrets his decision upon finding himself in the company of Ireland’s foremost ‘head the balls’.

“I was thinking it’s about time we demand more from the government, they’ve massively failed on enforcing immigration checks and laws, I was happy to see like-minded people until I found myself marching alongside a group who didn’t mind not thinking at all,” shared local man, Kieran Smith.

Smith’s regret really began to manifest when an old school friend WhatsApp’d him a screenshot of him pictured at the march.

“This lad started saying he was disappointed I’m one of those racists who thinks we’re all being replaced by 5G towers made entirely of military aged unvetted males,” Smith said, his head now in his hands, contemplating the embarrassment he will have to endure.

“I tried to find a gap in the crowd and leave but I ran directly into a ‘We will not be replaced’ banner and then wrapped up in a ‘no to WEF plantation’ banner,” added Smith, who was then confronted by a fellow protester who criticised him for only carrying eight Irish tricolours.

Smith then feared someone had poisoned him but realised the nauseous feeling in his stomach was from hearing chants of ‘burn them out’.

“It’s not unreasonable is it? To want somewhere to go so I could vent my anger at the government,” concluded Smith, who has never heard of internet comment sections.