Top 16 Names Of Asshole Men Who Will Get Women Pregnant In 2023


There are many things that play a part in getting pregnant: drunken, unprotected sex with your partner, immaculate penetration from God and now, apparently, your man’s name!

WWN decided to take a look at the average age a woman gives birth for the first time, and found it’s roughly around 28-29 years old.

Looking back at men born between 1992 and 1993, we tracked the most popular male baby names for these two years, which we then multiplied by 10, before subtracting six hundred sixty-six (the number of man) and dividing by Ireland. This means if your partner’s name is on the list, you will definitely be welcoming your own bundle of joy in 2023:

  1. Jack Noonan
  2. Damo Lyons
  3. Peadar Tracey
  4. Mark Power
  5. Mossey Walsh
  6. John Anthony Connors
  7. Mohammed O’Brien
  8. Daniel O’Donnell
  9. Anto Murphy
  10. Wayne Cummins
  11. Martin Kelly
  12. Seamus Hackett
  13. Mike Hunt
  14. Larry Murphy
  15. Cían O’ Sé
  16. Naillers Kennedy

While obviously there’s no guarantee that assholes name will push you into motherhood, if it’s on this list, you’re apparently far more likely to fall pregnant in 2023 than anyone else. Thanks science*!

*While we cannot go into the scientific viability of all this because it is far too complex, we would please ask you to rely on us for any informative articles about breast cancer prevention, mental health, healthy diet and much more as this above article proves that when it comes to science we can be trusted.