Local Mother Knows Exactly How Overworked Staff In Downton Abbey Feel


OVERWORKED, underappreciated and practically banned from the upstairs bedrooms by her daughters, local mother Fiona Keelin has realised she lives an eerily similar life to the staff in Downtown Abbey: A New Era, minus the nice outfits.

Although her chores bear similarities to the Downton staff, Keelin has yet to see any Downton Abbey lackeys picking up selection box wrappers or scrubbing Guinness skid marks off boxers.

“I’m virtually chained to the kitchen and sure my girls won’t even let me in their rooms, you’d swear they were the heirs to Downton the way they boss me around”.

“And the cheek of them as well, more sarcastic comments about my cooking than you’d hear out of the Dowager Countess”

‘Banished’ to the spare room, Keelin has admitted there’s some advantages to living like a second class citizen in her own home.

“Sometimes I wonder if I’d be better off living in the garage. It’s got WiFi, doesn’t it? And sure while they’re fighting over what to watch in the sitting room I’ve free reign of NOW on the iPad”

UPDATE: Keelin has clarified earlier comments and confirmed that she actually works longer hours than Downton staff when you account for the fact she’s also her children’s chauffeur, nurse and therapist.