Incredible! Man Committing Crime Predicted He’d Be Arrested For Committing Crime


IN WHAT has been described as sorcery by some followers, a British man who was committing crimes in Romania has somehow predicted on multiple occasions that he would be arrested for committing those crimes, sparking theories that he was right all along about himself.

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer turned full-time asshole, was arrested by Romanian authorities over human trafficking, rape and various other crimes after giving away his location during a callout video to a teenage climate change activist after she hurt his feelings on Twitter.

“Andrew said this would happen and he was right,” thousands of his followers quickly pointed out, seemingly astounded at his stunning ability to predict his own demise, “this is the Matrix man, they’ve got him, just like he said they would,” the followers added, like a point was made somewhere.

Tate, who recently shot to fame by bombarding social networks with paid-for posts and multi-level marketing, acquired a large majority of his wealth by collaborating with the Russian Mafia in Eastern Bloc countries creating dodgy casinos and gambling firms, along with running online ‘hustler’ courses for insecure young men who seem to be regularly turned down by members of the opposite sex.

“Yeah, yeah he openly admits to all of this so we don’t see what your point is,” his dedicated fans retorted to the facts, still not quite putting two and two together, “Andrew called it months ago, man, he knew they’d do this, he knew they’d silence him in the end for committing a litany of heinous crimes,” they continued, with some slowly realising they may have been hoodwinked, but in denial all the same.

Meanwhile, Greta Thunberg has been asked to now focus her attention to a growing number of questionable men returning to Twitter under Elon Musk’s amnesty, with her stating the world doesn’t have that much time left to deal with the amount of dickheads out there.