Remembering Those We Wish We Lost In 2022


AN unquestionably tough year with many high profile and beloved people who passed away, 2022 was not a vintage year by any measure. We mourn them, one and all.

But as we mourn them we can’t help think on who would have preferred to say goodbye to:

Elon Musk

Musk is so concerned with the future and fate of humanity, could you imagine the good his fortune would do when it is donated to the charities that Musk would definitely list in his will because y’know, he is so concerned about the fate of humanity.

Vladimir Putin

No one was more deserving of an accidental defenestration than dear old Vlad. Would it have killed one of his inner circle to kill him?

The little prick who clamped us down the town

We were paid up until 3pm! Clamping someone at 3.02pm should be punishable by death.


A bit harsh we know but we just couldn’t connect with the new album.

The British Monarchy

We came agonisingly close this year, but much like Prince Andrew’s sweat it didn’t quite materialise.

The Taliban

Banning them from existence isn’t nearly as callous as banning women from education.

That same one online ad that followed you across every fecking website and app

Die, for the love of all that is retained data and cookies, die.

Gianni Infantino

‘I feel’ like the world would be a better place if its chief sportswashing lackey bite the dust.