Local Entrepreneur Finds It Hard To Switch Off

A COUNTY Waterford businessman, who started up his own niche brand of herbal hand soap called Herboap, has admitted today that he finds it ‘hard to switch off’ in the evenings, due to his fantastically brilliant mind that ‘rarely leaves him be’. Conor Davis, who has worked in a string of different jobs since leaving college, describes himself… Read more »

Shower Head Not A Sex Toy, Women Reminded

AFTER repeatedly hinting subtly at the fact in casual conversation, men have today come out and told women that ‘the shower is not a sex toy’, WWN can reveal. Using the shower head as a sex toy was popularised by slutty liberal Hollywood types like the women in Sex and the City, Girls and more… Read more »

17% Of Irish Motorists Not Driving It On Ta Fuck

THE Road Safety Authority has confirmed today that as much as 17% of drivers on Irish roads are not driving it on ta fuck, claiming that their lack of speed actually causes accidents as opposed to preventing them. An analysis of forensic collision investigations conducted by the RSA shows that slow drivers account for twice… Read more »