So-Called Best Friends Actually Fucking Hate Each Other

WATERFORD based best friends Sean Greenan and Killian Tynan have had their long-standing relationship questioned by everyone who knows them, citing among other things, the fact that they clearly hate one another. Despite describing themselves as ‘best friends’, the pair have accused of doing nothing but bitching, moaning and complaining about one another to anyone… Read more »

BREAKING: Local Mother Only Getting To Sit Down Now

DESPITE it being nearly time to go to bed, reports coming in from the Rotchford family have confirmed that mother and wife Maureen Rotchford is only getting to sit down now, after claiming to have spent the majority of the day on her feet. Apparently exasperated from completing various chores that went relatively unnoticed by her husband and… Read more »

Weed Dealer No Fucking Idea What Strain It Is

A COUNTY Waterford weed dealer has come out of the woodwork today to confirm, once and for all, that he has no fucking idea what strain he’s selling to people, and is now begging customers to stop asking. Speaking from a wall in Lisduggan council estate, situated on the lower west side of the city,… Read more »