Local Couple Somehow Spending Evening Watching Dancing With The Stars

FOR a second consecutive week a local Waterford couple have against all odds found themselves sitting through an entire episode of Dancing With The Stars, WWN has learned. Heather Baffin and Peter Gilly, both 32, have previously expressed their outright dislike of entertainment programmes featuring dancing and celebrities, however, despite this fact and the ready… Read more »

Overweight Man ‘Carries It Well’

A LOCAL man has been reassured by family and friends that his escalating weight is nothing to worry about, with the majority of his inner circle insisting that he ‘carries it well’. Mark Rice, who works in IT, had reportedly commented on his excess 15 kilos last week to his wife Trisha, after weighing himself… Read more »

Playstation 4 Christmas Present Finally Updated

A COUNTY Waterford teenager whose family home is dependent on rural broadband is to finally begin using his Playstation 4 Christmas present today after it finished updating itself, WWN has learned. Jason Mackey, 14, had reportedly been waiting for 5 days for his console to catch up with its latest software update, before then realising the actual games… Read more »

Local Man Never Goes Out New Years

A COUNTY Waterford man has left family members, friends and neighbours speechless today following an announcement which has left many questioning his life choices after claiming to never go out on New Years eve. Despite it being collectively celebrated by billions of people around the world, David Kennedy slammed New Years eve as “a sham”, stating he would… Read more »