Red Flag? Girlfriend Has Expectation You’re A Fully Functioning Adult


LOCAL MAN Darren Farrell is worried his girlfriend of eight months is beginning to display a number of ‘red flags’ which can often lead to the sad but necessary end to a relationship.

“I thought ‘red flags’ was a thing birds said about fairly sound lads but I think I’ve discovered one in Jess, she’s just mad for me being a fully functioning adult and it’s doing me head in,” confirmed Farrell (27).

“If it’s not ‘do your own washing I’m not your mother’ it’s ‘what do you mean you don’t know how to set up a direct debit’,” added Farrell who feared things may be getting ‘toxic’.

People often make the decision to end things when their partner displays more red flags than a Chinese Communist Party rally, while many regret not noticing the red flags earlier and acting on them.

“You’d want to see her face when I bought those new trainers and the PS5, she was all ‘but you’ve owed me 200 quid for the last month’, it’s like babe I didn’t know there was this expectation when we got together that I’d have to clean the mold off my shower or stop pissing on the seat. This is textbook gaslighting,” Farrell said, as his friends nodded in agreement.

Farrell has spoke out to warn others of the dangers of falling head over heels in fuck boy for someone without realising the red flags were there all the time.