Man Does Little Arse Scooting Adjustment Routine Every Time He Sits In Car


ONE LOCAL man has discovered he is incapable of entering his car and setting off on the road without first doing a little scoot and wiggle of his backside, WWN can reveal.

Paul Barton (36) had previously been unaware that his shuffle adjustment led by his arse was noticeable to everyone else for years until a friend remarked on his ‘arse dance’.

“I was obviously aware of adjusting the seat if the missus had been driving the car before me to get more leg room, but this unconscious wiggle thing is beyond embarrassing,” added a concerned Barton.

Barton has at last count made 87 entries into the driver’s seat of his car to see if he can unlearn the butt tango he engages in.

“Mad thing is I never do it if I’m the passenger seat,” Barton asked of himself, a man who squints when asked to look at something even if it’s clearly visible, loudly clicks with his tongue when thinking and rolls up his sleeves when undertaking any task no matter how simple.