Should €157mn Cocaine Haul Be Divided Amongst Nation Via Lottery System?


IRELAND needs to have this conversation.

It’s rare Ireland comes into possession of such a valuable and plentiful resource and in much the same way there is an ongoing debate about how to spend the billions in additional tax revenue from multi-nationals, there are questions over the utilisation of this gigantic cocaine haul.

Everywhere you look, the nation’s citizens have been put through the mill; the cost of living, recent bad weather, evictions, parents of children let down by the State, the intimidation of refugees and LGBTQ people. We need this.

But how could you possibly divide up quantities of cocaine which are vast in nature but can’t satisfy all 5.5 million people?

Easily. There are plenty of people who will abstain for one, then there’s the under 18s who will not be permitted to partake and we have the perfect distribution network and community infrastructure right under our noses (pun intended).

Combining the distribution network of the drug gangs with the parish lotto system ensures that there isn’t a town or village across the length and breath of the country that won’t get their share. To keep the bean counters happy tickets for the lottery could be one euro a piece but true solidarity and acknowledgement that the public are overdue something good in their lives would necessitate free entry.

Do your part by getting in touch with your local politicians. Rip up that letter you were writing to demand answers on the horrific waiting lists and medical malpractice children waiting on spinal surgery are subjected to and put your pen to something more important – a nationwide snow day.