How To Tell If You’ve Been Exposed To ‘Covert Influence Operation’ On TikTok


TIKTOK has revealed they shut down a network aimed at spreading disinformation and sowing social discord in Ireland which had amassed 95,000 followers and video views totaling 2,440,995.

The divisive posts created solely to ‘intensify social conflict’ were aimed at Irish users and ‘hyper-posted low quality content’ relating divisive views on Irish nationalism.

But how can you tell if you have been unduly influenced by such accounts that push divisive content? Know the signs:

You took part in the ‘Lyons v Barrys’ TikTok trend which involved killing anyone who prefers Lyons.

The Boyzone v Westlife videos on your feed have increased by 400%.

Your favourite MUA TikTok influencer exclusively posts about how capitalism is the enemy of the working people.

You see divisive posts that simultaneously claim Ireland is doing too much and not enough to help refugees.

You are now convinced by the claims that Jedward are a secret sleeper cell of Aryan super soldiers who will be activated by Vladimir Putin.

You are starting to sound like a 2016-era Facebook user who was subjected to much of the same.

You used to think Michael Collins was the biggest Irish nationalist ride but now you stan for Roger Casement.

No matter how many times you block lip sync comedians they keep fucking coming up in your feed.

Everything you watch on TikTok is basically the comments section on crack distilled into a 30 second video.

You now believe Ireland’s population is made up of 105% asylum seekers.

The dentals ads you are being shown have very strong opinions about a United Ireland.

You have seen multiple videos of out of work Irish men with a string of criminal convictions shout ‘pedo’ at library staff in Ireland while claiming that the biggest threat to humanity is… books.

You find yourself coming to the defence of an app owned by the Chinese government in all but name which more than likely has a backdoor through which it harvests all the data of the world’s teenagers which is in no way worrying.

Your mam texts you asking why she saw you on the Six One News screaming at Michael Healy Rae.