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‘Ah You’ll Know It When You See It’ New Irish Sat Nav Voice Setting Revealed

MOTORISTS attempting to ultilise voice guided GPS systems in their cars have called for immediate help after the roll a new ‘Irish directions’ setting was released, WWN understands. Ringing from locations in laybys of roads that they absolutely didn’t want to be in, miles from their desired destination, motorists have criticised Google and Apple Maps,… Read more »

Tech Giants Tell US Congress It’d Be A Shame If Politicians Internet Search Histories Were Released

RESPONDING to a grilling by US politicians on destructive and un-American business practices while operating monopolies the CEOs of tech’s ‘Big Four’ Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon all agreed that it would be a real shame if politicians online search histories were made free to view online. “Or their Amazon purchase history, imagine being a… Read more »

X Æ A-12 Already Needs Software Update

A BAFFLED Elon Musk is to spend most of today on the phone with customer support after realising that his new baby X Æ A-12 requires a software update despite Musk ‘only getting it a few days ago’. “Why don’t they ship them with the most up-to-date software” mused the billionaire and partner of Grimes,… Read more »

Social Media Sites Under Increasing Pressure Not To Be Such Deep Cesspools Of Unending Hate

A SENIOR EU official overseeing digital policy has warned tech giants such as Twitter, Facebook or the Facebook owned Instagram and WhatsApp could face fines if they fail to reverse their platforms’ slide towards cavernous cesspools of knuckle dragging hate and bile, WWN can reveal. With curbing disinformation and hate speech at the top of… Read more »

Delayed Launch Of Facebook ‘Dating’ Feature Blamed On Amount Of Ugly Single People

THE OVERABUNDANCE of ugly single people has been given as the reason for Facebook’s delayed launch of the ‘Facebook Dating’ feature across Ireland and Europe. Scheduled to launch the day before Valentine’s Day this year, the dating feature was the tech giant’s answer to popular apps like Grindr and Tinder, however, Facebook confirmed the postponement… Read more »