Social Media Sites Under Increasing Pressure Not To Be Such Deep Cesspools Of Unending Hate


A SENIOR EU official overseeing digital policy has warned tech giants such as Twitter, Facebook or the Facebook owned Instagram and WhatsApp could face fines if they fail to reverse their platforms’ slide towards cavernous cesspools of knuckle dragging hate and bile, WWN can reveal.

With curbing disinformation and hate speech at the top of the agenda social media users are open to measures which would no longer make opening up a social media app feel like having 6 billion lumens of hate scorched directed into their eyeballs.

“We’ve gone from Facebook being pictures of puppies to Michael, one of four people living a rural Irish farming town, writing essays about how feminist vaccines will turn your kids into Russian spies who speak fluent Muslim and also own all the banks that the Jews secretly own. Any chance ya can row it back there a bit tech giants, thanks” explained one EU source.

Acknowledging the difficulty with labeling some content ‘disinformation’ or ‘hate speech’, Twitter or other platforms shouldn’t find it too hard to reduce the number of users whose statuses, comments and updates look like CV applications to join Hitler Youth.

“Not asking much, just striking that balance so my feeds go back to being about boring doses from school I once knew announcing they’re engaged, pregnant, married or dead,” added the source.

“Except for Sandra who we went to school with, she always appears in our feed asking us to sign a petition to fire a doctor who said vaccines are not mind controlling autism canons. We’re just looking for Facebook and the gang to clean it up a little”.

“And hey, we love a risque joke as much as they next EU official but we could do with less people live streaming and sharing shooting sprees and the like, ya know,” concluded the EU source.

In response, tech giants have confirmed they’ll endeavour to implement all sorts of measures which likely only make the situation worse but only if it doesn’t harm revenues.