Scam Warning: Student Told She Was Getting ‘Free Education’ Paying €3,000 In Fees, €10,000 In Rent Per Year


ONE COURAGEOUS Waterford student has sought to share her story after being the victim of a horrific scam which cost her thousands of euro, all in the hope that by speaking out she can help other students avoid the same fate.

Catriona Canney (19) started college in UCD late last year after being coaxed up to Dublin with the promise of something called a ‘free education’, however, after only weeks into her studies she admits it became clear she had been the victim of the mother, father, grandmother and grandfather of all scams.

“One day they said it’s free, next thing you know they have you handing over €3,000, but that I can handle ‘cus I hear loads of others fell for that one too, but it’s the rent thing that really knocked me for six,” explained Canney, as she showed us round her luxurious on campus accommodation consisting of bed, chair, desk and toilet.

“They lied straight to my face and I nearly think they believed their own lies when they started saying ‘this is the going rate’ and then charged me a grand,” explained Canney, who has taken to protesting in the face of being scammed after she learned the price of this particular scam is set to increase year on year.

It was pointed out to Canney that her circumstances would allow her to avail of something called a ‘SUSI grant’, however, this reporter’s observation was met with howls of laughter by Canney and her fellow students.

“Oh yeah, ‘SUSI’. Good one, we’ve all heard about the myth of the grant paid on time”.

After falling victim to this heartless scam, what’s next for the 19-year-old?

“Well, to afford free third level education I’ll have to quit college to work full time so that I can afford college. It’s not a great option but it’s the only option”.

If like Canney you’ve been affected by this scam, feel free to ring our dedicated hotline manned by people in their 40s and 50s who will happily tell you how easy you have it and how you should stop moaning and ‘suck it up’.