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Martin To Reintroduce Celtic Tigers To Ireland After Securing EU Recovery Money

TAKING the €750 billion EU recovery fund as his ‘green light’ Taoiseach Micheál Martin has announced the first initiative which could truly stimulate the Irish economy; the reintroduction of the once extinct native Celtic Tigers back into Ireland. Taking a leaf from Eamon Ryan’s book Fianna Fáil leader Martin feels Ireland’s ecology could still benefit… Read more »

Developers, Banks Tell Government They’ve Already Spent Ireland’s Share Of EU’s €1 Trillion Covid Recovery Fund

ADOPTING the ‘ask for forgiveness, not permission’ strategy that served them so well through the 2008-11 banking crisis years, the property developers and senior bankers of Ireland have preemptively informed the Irish government that whatever share of the announced €1 trillion Covid-19 EU recovery package Ireland gets has already been spunked on a nearby wall… Read more »

Ryanair To Refund Everyone In Pennies

RYANAIR chief Michael O’Leary is said to be determined to ‘have the last laugh’ when it comes to Covid-19 refunds, by vengefully sending out any owed monies to customers in the form of sackfuls of 1c and 2c coins. The coins will be couriered out to the waiting customers after an EU ruling that stated… Read more »

Social Media Sites Under Increasing Pressure Not To Be Such Deep Cesspools Of Unending Hate

A SENIOR EU official overseeing digital policy has warned tech giants such as Twitter, Facebook or the Facebook owned Instagram and WhatsApp could face fines if they fail to reverse their platforms’ slide towards cavernous cesspools of knuckle dragging hate and bile, WWN can reveal. With curbing disinformation and hate speech at the top of… Read more »