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US Golf Fans Just The Worst, Finds Report

NEW RESEARCH coming into WWN Sport from the Institute of Sports Research has revealed that US golf fans are more irritating than a thousands mosquitos bites doused in vinegar and set on fire. Citing ample course side evidence from team USA’s dominant and impressive Ryder Cup victory, the ISR confirmed that you’d be forgiven for… Read more »

Johnson Wouldn’t Have Signed Up To Northern Ireland Protocol If He Knew He’d Have To Honour It

LABELING the EU’s decision to take legal action over the UK government’s continued flagrant disregard for the Northern Ireland Protocol as ‘silly business’, PM Boris Johnson insisted he honestly wouldn’t have signed up to the ‘blasted thing’ if he was actually expected to honour it. “Mea culpa, I feel ruddy well stupid, I had no… Read more »

EU Apologises For ‘Pulling An England On It’ By Invoking Article 16

EUROPEAN COMMISSIONER Ursula von der Leyen has unreservedly apologised for ‘acting the complete and utter Brit’ by blithely invoking Article 16 of the withdrawal agreement and setting up the possibility of casually trampling all over the Good Friday Agreement, which was ‘very English of her’. “Who am I, Boris Johnson?” von der Leyen said, accompanying… Read more »

EU Countries Agree To End Practice Of Transporting Vaccines Via Tortoise

NATIONS belonging to the European Union have pledged to rectify the alarmingly slow initial rollout of its Covid-19 vaccination programme, which has been greeted with anger and frustration by citizens. After a special task force charged with identifying possible errors and inefficiencies within the supply chain reported that delivering the vaccines on the backs of… Read more »