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Martin To Reintroduce Celtic Tigers To Ireland After Securing EU Recovery Money

TAKING the €750 billion EU recovery fund as his ‘green light’ Taoiseach Micheál Martin has announced the first initiative which could truly stimulate the Irish economy; the reintroduction of the once extinct native Celtic Tigers back into Ireland. Taking a leaf from Eamon Ryan’s book Fianna Fáil leader Martin feels Ireland’s ecology could still benefit… Read more »

Developers, Banks Tell Government They’ve Already Spent Ireland’s Share Of EU’s €1 Trillion Covid Recovery Fund

ADOPTING the ‘ask for forgiveness, not permission’ strategy that served them so well through the 2008-11 banking crisis years, the property developers and senior bankers of Ireland have preemptively informed the Irish government that whatever share of the announced €1 trillion Covid-19 EU recovery package Ireland gets has already been spunked on a nearby wall… Read more »