President Of Monrovia Celebrates Securing Billions From EU Recovery Fund


IT SEEMS like they are only winners in the aftermath of the EU agreeing a staggering €750 billion virus recovery fund among its members which the EU will hope can kick start economies in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

No one was celebrating more wildly than the president of the humble, small and hitherto unheard of isolated European nation, the Republic of Monrovia.

“Oh jolly good, well done chaps,” the moustachioed Monrovian President Bennio Hillus said, appearing out of nowhere to hover awkwardly on the outside of the 4-day marathon negotiations only to occasionally pipe up to say “don’t forget about Monrovia, which is a real country of course”.

As the ultimately successful negotiations trundled on, Hillus was seen tapping his watch and insisting he was due back in London Oxfordia, which is the capital of Monrovia, to clap for nurses and vote against a pay increase for them.

Playfully edging his elbow into the ribs of French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Hillus joked “Frugal Four, more like Frigid Four am I right?”

Hillus was seen obliterating the EU buffet and frequently telling fellow leaders “no, never met the handsome devil but I do get that a lot” when told he looks like British PM Boris Johnson, who was most recently seen hailing negotiations with the economic powerhouse of Leichtenstein and ignoring the Russia Report.

“Good grief, this is dragging on. Right, Monrovia agrees to whatever you lot agree in the end, can I just get a big novelty cheque now and I’ll be on my way,” confirmed Hillus.