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Macron’s ‘Listen Here You Fucking Idiots’ Plea To Unvaccinated Not Going As Well As Planned

IN A BID to persuade those French people still reluctant to participate in the Covid-19 vaccination programme, French president Emmanuel Macron has stated he wants to be ‘a pain in the ass’ to unvaccinated people sparking widespread condemnation of his tone and language. “You think that’s bad, listen here you fucking idiots get the fucking… Read more »

“Just Call Me Daddy” Scholz Tells EU

ANGELA MERKEL’S successor as German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has urged his European peers and their citizens to just call him Daddy, WWN understands “Mutter Merkel may be gone but fear not, there is little change to how things are. And hey, don’t make it weird but just call me Daddy,” Scholz said directly addressing Europeans,… Read more »

EU Starting To See IRA’s Point

WHILE nobody in the EU has come forward and condoned the Irish Republican Army’s campaign of bloody terror in Northern Ireland, leaks have suggested that many are starting to ‘see where they were coming from’, WWN can report. The memos come as the EU enters yet another crunch round of negotiations in the bitter Brexit… Read more »