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YouTube To Trial Showing Videos In Between Ads

ANNOYING advertisement giant YouTube has announced its intention to move into the video hosting platform service in the coming months for an initial trial period, much to the dismay of the service’s loyal users. While YouTube users once frequented the website and app for all its preloaded, persistent and invasive advertising needs, many will have… Read more »

The iPhone 12: Here’s What’s Changed

IN an unprecedented move set to send shockwaves through the very fabric of space and time, Apple are set to announce a new iteration of their iPhone later today, with speculation running rampant as to what this means for those of us who rely on the device for our daily dose of self-worth. Although the… Read more »

‘Ah You’ll Know It When You See It’ New Irish Sat Nav Voice Setting Revealed

MOTORISTS attempting to ultilise voice guided GPS systems in their cars have called for immediate help after the roll a new ‘Irish directions’ setting was released, WWN understands. Ringing from locations in laybys of roads that they absolutely didn’t want to be in, miles from their desired destination, motorists have criticised Google and Apple Maps,… Read more »