“Glued To The Couch I See”: Samsung Unveil New Range Of Smart Arse TVs


SAMSUNG product developers have been praised for achieving what is being called the next step in the evolution of TV technology.

Exclusive to the Irish market for now, pending successful trials, a range of Smart Arse TVs will offer TV viewers the chance to experience remarkable and unrivaled HD displays, internet connectivity and a range of withering and acerbic put downs.

“Oh this is class!” remarked one customer who got their hands on one of the first smart arse TVs in the country, reacting to the TV barking “fresh air? Ever heard of it?” as the man was two seasons deep into a binge watch.

“We’re guessing these smart arse TVs could come in handy for those who no longer live with nagging parents and want to recreate the irritating effect, or those who miss a dose of a friend or an ex,” explained head of sales at Samsung.

Retailing at a reasonable €499 for the 43 inch iterations the range of TVs could also prove popular with those who feel they’re not hard enough on themselves and are in need of being taken down a peg or two.

With over 4,000 different smart arse remarks that then become tailored to be more specific and hurtful to each users, the smart arse TVs look like they may be the next great leap forward in TV tech.

“Oooh butterfingers,” one TV said as its owner spilled some tea, “I’ve more HDMI ports on me than you have brain cells ye dope”.

“Eh, okay that one actually hurt my feelings,” responded another customer to its smart arse TV after it blasted “no wonder your wife left you” from its speakers.