YouTube To Trial Showing Videos In Between Ads


ANNOYING advertisement giant YouTube has announced its intention to move into the video hosting platform service in the coming months for an initial trial period, much to the dismay of the service’s loyal users.

While YouTube users once frequented the website and app for all its preloaded, persistent and invasive advertising needs, many will have to adjust to seeing videos made by content creators, film makers and hobbyists. It’s a big shift in focus for YouTube and a bigger risk for its reputation.

“It’s time to shake things up, everyone loves seeing ad after ad, that’s what they come to YouTube for, and call us crazy but we think people visiting YouTube might also want to see content from video creators,” shared head of innovation at YouTube Terri Halperstein in a call with unimpressed investors this morning.

Despite YouTube’s bullish tone, tech journalists and experts are already expressing their doubts that YouTube could survive such a big shift in focus.

“They are going to bleed users, who in God’s name is going to sit through some teenager playing a game or giving a make up tutorial just to get to the ads? It ruins the fun of the wall to wall ad watching experience,” offered one journalist.

The devastation and dismay among users is abundantly clear.

“I feel betrayed, I just want ads for products, brands and services I have no interest in constantly shoved in my face, but if they insist on putting engaging content I’m genuinely interested in the middle of it all, I’ll never use it again,” shared one disappointed user.