Amazing! These Kids In China Have Already Turned Around Knock-Off Apple Headphones


GADGET fans who were aghast at the cost of Apple’s new AirPod Max headphones can breathe a sigh of relief today, as rip-off copies of the sleek new cans have already started popping up on for a tenner, plus postage.

That suggests a €539 saving on Apple’s price for the over-the-ear headphones, and also serves as a showcase for the ingenuity and fast-turnaround times that can be achieved by employing an army of off-the-books underage workers who are motivated by poverty, and a laissez-faire attitude to copyright law.

Differences between the AirPod Max and the A1r P0ds MAXXX include:

– Apple’s product promises Adaptive EQ, active noise cancellation and spatial audio, while the Ali Express version comes in a box that can be used to store other bits and pieces around the house.

– The AirPod Max boasts about 20 hours of playtime on a single charge, whereas the A1r P0ds MAXXX will run for as long as your phone lasts thanks to being connected to it with a handy wire.

– A1r P0ds MAXXX promises to be 100% less stealable than their official cousins, with vendors confident that nobody wearing a pair will be mugged for them throughout the device’s 3-week lifespan.

– While Apple’s product isn’t available until December 15th, you can buy the cheaper version right now, and they’ll be delivered to your house in less than 8 months!

Customers are reminded that should their knock-off product fail to work, it’s probably not worth their while complaining for a refund, and that throwing them in the bin and purchasing a new pair is the way to go. Gotta keep those kids in a job!