Harrowing Amnesty International Report Reveals 9 In 10 People Trapped In WhatsApp Groups Against Their Will


AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL has asked for world leaders to come together and provide adequate resources which would see the thousands of people trapped in WhatsApp groups against their will finally freed.

From groups WhatsApps made up of extended family, lads you played football with 10 years ago, school parents, work colleagues, the horror of being trapped against your will is a reality for far too many off the app’s users.

“The time to end this humanitarian crisis is now,” explained Amnesty spokesperson Jane Hartigan, as she presented a 10,000 word report detailing the harrowing conditions some users are forced to live through.

“Such is the severity of the issue 9 in 10 people suffer the horrendous onslaught of message after message from groups they never requested to join and would be ostricised if they tried to leave,” added Hartigan.

One such victim, Ian Laffin, spoke of how he had been trapped in a group simply entitled ‘Present’ some two years ago.

“Some dose in work set up a feckin’ chat for organising a going away present for a woman in work, and I didn’t want to look like a dick for leaving it immediately, but it’s evolved now with endless memes, and people I would walk into oncoming traffic to avoid a conversation with in the real world constantly asking me questions in the group,” Laffin explained before breaking down in front of a special UN commission looking into the issue.

“My mother in law has added me to 15 different groups, including one with her book club and her neighbour’s daughter’s dentist, there’s no way out of that, I’m trapped,” shared victim Deirdre Mallen.