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Harrowing Amnesty International Report Reveals 9 In 10 People Trapped In WhatsApp Groups Against Their Will

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL has asked for world leaders to come together and provide adequate resources which would see the thousands of people trapped in WhatsApp groups against their will finally freed. From groups WhatsApps made up of extended family, lads you played football with 10 years ago, school parents, work colleagues, the horror of being trapped… Read more »

WWN Goes On A Tinder Date With Bertie Ahern

IN A BID to see what all the fuss is about, WWN’s sister site Gash went in search of a date with former Taoiseach and all round lash Bertie Ahern. Firing up Tinder and flicking more ferociously than a teenage boy at his first disco, we diligently flicked through all our options, casting everyone aside… Read more »