No One In WhatsApp Group Bothered Listening To Ainé’s 17 Separate Voice Messages


THE INCESSANT voice messaging of one Ainé Varley in a group chat titled ‘The Galzzz ???’ has been the source of much discussion by members of the WhatsApp group in a separate secret chat in which the serial voice messager is not involved.

Varley’s use of voice messages, which are often handier than typing stuff out because – the effort, has been labeled as ‘out of control’ with some even going as far as to accuse the 29-year-old of being a voice messaging ‘terrorist’.

Within ‘The Galzzz ???’ candid voice messages were initially used as a quick and straight-to-the-point way to update one another of news, gossip and ‘the state of your one in the queue in front of me here in Topshop’.

However, as utilised by Varley, who uses a machine gun fire approach to voice messages, the audio updates can clog up the chat with nonstop meandering shite talk, as told to WWN by ear witnesses.

“12 minutes of her talking nonstop about herself and nothing else. And that’s just when she’s walking into work in the morning. I stopped listening two years ago,” shared ‘The Galzzz ???’ member Sarah C.

“I honestly have no idea what’s being going in Ainé’s life since about mid-2017. I just flat out refuse to be forced to listen to 17 voice messages, none of which have anything to do with our current conversation about who out of Chris Pratt, Pine, Evans and Hemsworth you’d fuck, marry, kill or maim. Respect the group chat”.

Oblivious to the hostility building up from her liberal use of the voice messages, Ainé will later take to ‘The Galzzz ???’ to talk about the gas thing that happened to her in work, which is neither gas nor does it require another 8 lengthy voice message updates.